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Thread: Troubling booting Configurable USB Loader from HD FAT32

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    Troubling booting Configurable USB Loader from HD FAT32


    Im just a very very newb user from Wii, and please forgive me if my questions are to much "duh"

    I followed the "Softmod ANY Wii" guide from mauifrog, everthing went fine, until i arrived to the guide of configuring a FAT32 HD. There is to much similar info, and to much downloads to do the same thing. To much versions, and i got completly confused.

    I dont know how, but actually i did manage to play games, and downloading covers..etc.

    The problem is the Configurable USB Loader is booting from SD. And i cant manage to put it on the HD. When i copy the content of the SD to the HD and boot the says that he cant find the boot..etc. I already changed the options of Configurable USB Loader to boot from a USB disc...i think.

    And im going to put some screenshots here, because i dont know if i did everthing right, to the last version, and i REALLY dont know what is the diference between IOS249/250 and the m222 or something.
    When i first installed Configurable USB Loader, it showed me v57 then a 249 load, and a 250 load. and it started. Then i tried more things...and it started to show v60 249 load. But the games didnt run dont remember why. Now i changed again, and now shows v60 m222 load.

    And also there is a lot of .dol files to put on the apps usbloader, and i dont know the diference. There is also a lot of .wad files, like USBLoaderCFG_Forwarder-UCXF.wad and i dont know how to use it or what they do..or if i should use it.

    My questions are :

    What is the right version of Configurable USB Loader and the other IOS or something to have?
    Going to put some screenshots and can you guys tell me if everthing is alright.
    How can i start the Configurable USB Loader without the SD Card. I want to put everthing on the USB HD.


    PS: Sorry for my bad english and wall of text.
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    it appears u have to study mauifrog's "Softmod Any Wii" one more time, in order to get a clear picture of usbloader applications.
    make it short, install a full channel (not a forwarder channel) of the Cfg usbloader will enable you to play without the SD card.
    you also need to manage the format and/or partition of the harddisk for the game iso and game cover-images without sd card.

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    extract to the root of the hdd

    222 Cfg_ Extract Directly to USB Root.rar

    remove sd

    load using the cfg channel(you already have installed) if it doesnt work remove that channel through data management and install this

    CFG Loader - DFCL.rar

    you cant use ios249 as it is rev17 and rev17 doesnt support fat32 loading so you have to use 222.dol or configure cfg to load with 250,247,248(mauis guide cfg config was set to use ios250)

    in cfg global settings open with notepad

    add this

    ios = 250

    [SPOILER="Example of CFG Config"]theme = wiihacks v3
    device = usb
    partition = FAT1
    gui = start
    gui_transition = fade
    gui_style = carousel
    gui_rows = 2
    clock_style = 0
    simple = 1
    confirm_start = 0
    disable_remove = 1
    disable_install = 0
    disable_options = 0
    disable_format = 1
    admin_unlock = 1
    covers_path = sd:/usb-loader/covers
    covers_path_2d = sd:/usb-loader/covers
    covers_path_3d = sd:/usb-loader/covers/3d
    covers_path_disc = sd:/usb-loader/covers/disc
    covers_path_full = sd:/usb-loader/covers/full
    ios = 250
    video = system
    language = console
    profile_names = default
    sort = play_count-asc
    select = most
    background = bg.png
    wbackground = bg.png
    background_base = bg.png
    wbackground_base = bg.png
    background_gui = bg_gui.png
    wbackground_gui = bg_gui.png
    layout = large3
    covers = 1
    covers_coords = 17,109
    console_coords = 232,41,352,384
    colors = dark
    console_color = 7,0
    color_selected_fg = 15
    color_selected_bg = 8
    color_inactive = 8
    console_transparent = 1
    wcovers_coords = 36,117
    wconsole_coords = 232,41,352,384
    hide_header = 0
    hide_footer = 1
    hide_hddinfo = 1
    cover_style = 3d
    cursor = "►"
    menu_plus = "[+] "
    wcovers_size = 146,248
    gui_text_color = black
    buttons = options_1
    home = hbc
    button_B = gui
    button_- = main_menu
    button_+ = install
    button_1 = options
    button_2 = favorites
    button_cancel = B
    button_exit = Home
    button_other = 1
    button_save = 2[/SPOILER]

    what each option does Configurable Options - GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial
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    Hi Billyhome.

    I did everthing on the mauifrog's guide, the only thing i can find for booting with USB HD its the link on mauifrog its -> "Loading and Playing Wii Backup Games from USB HDD (softmod only)" and "FAT32 Hard Drives - Formatting, Loading, Ripping, Playing".
    I did follow the Krank guide, and on the section of [Installing a Backup Loader] , i followed the Option 1 because its in red as recommended. And i really dont know what is the diference of "Forward channel" and "Full channel". So, i must follow the "Full Channel" Installation? ok.

    And what should i choose ? IOS 249 or IOS 222 ?

    And its the screenshots all ok? Everthing updated?

    Sorry for the newb questions

    Going to try that Cile. Thank you very much.
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    Its working now. I dont know a LOT of the things i have done, and the things that you told me to do..but..its working. Now when i load the Configurable Usb Loader it shows v60 then 249/250 [FRAG] Load. The games works, everthing on USB HD. I used your posted CFG file.

    Thank you very much

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    Glad you solved it...but that doesn't make much sense. Cile gave you the 222 package from the guide so it should be booting 222. Also the version in the pack is v57 and you have v60
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Yeah..because i updated to v60 (since normally..updating is good), and didnt changed the 222.dol to boot.dol again...because everthing worked. Should i change it ?

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    That makes more sense. No need to change it...
    Damn I suck!!!!


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