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    I consistently receive "An error has occurred. Press the Eject Button, remove the Game Disc..." when I insert an original Wii game disc (error occurs after it spins up - before it's clicked), click on any channel, or try to load a backup game from a usb drive using just about any usb loader software. Any help (including throwing the Wii in a lake) would be much appreciated!! I've installed HBC and am using 4.1u. I'm guessing I need to restore the wii to it's original state and use a softmod guide. Thanks!!

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    Sounds like the dvd drive is messed up and causing the random errors to occur. It may need to be replaced.

    I had this happen when I had a damaged backup in the drive, same behavior, and it wouldn't stop until the disk was ejected.
    So it is definitely a hardware related issue. Wheather or not to replace the drive or try to clean the lens, but it is not something softmodding would cause.
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    Thanks! You're correct. Now that I think about it, I could load a backup game from the hard drive but started receiving this error the longer the Wii was powered on. And then I started to get this error more frequently - almost like a hardware failure that kept getting worse over time. Anyway, I got a new Wii and everything works correctly now - using the same hard drive and loading the same backup games correctly. Interesting problem!

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    if you have cioscorp or any programs like that uninstall them it happend to me. it also spat the dics back at me


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