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Thread: Updating WII from 2.1 E to 4.1 E.

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    Updating WII from 2.1 E to 4.1 E.

    Hey i need help

    I have a WII with 2.1 E firware andi wana hack it

    But i need first to install 4.1 E firware to install Homebrew Channel right?

    so i need a tutorial how to install

    Please dont say to install the 4.1 from a game i dont have a game and i dont have anyone who has a game and i dont have money right now for the game

    So i need to manual install it

    And ohh i dont have internet on my wii

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    If your wii is not hacked already then there is no way to update to 4.1 OTHER then an original game disc from your region. Sorry.
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    You could probably use the twilight hack if you have legend of zelda twilight princess. I used that way back in the day and it worked great. You can get a description of it from or google. After you have homebrew channel, bootmii installed (as boot2 since yours is so old), and dvdx installed, come back here and make another post to get a little more up to date. Easiest way to do it would be to do an update from a newer disc, but it is possible to do with your current situation.

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    Yeah, I didn't mention that cause the OP said he doesn't have any discs. If indeed you do have that game OP - You can follow Mauifrogs softmod ANY Wii guide... It has instructions for that.
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    Guess I missed that part, Krank, lol. I got so excited about someone else being able to use the twilight hack I rushed into an answer, lol.

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    You could use a Mario Kart or SSBB to update to 3.1, then follow a wiihacks guide.

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    Hey could i use Bannerbomb v1 to install 4.1 E firmware?

    My friend sayd that it can hack a 4.1 and below firmaware WII-s

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    Your options for softmodding this unit have been mentioned. Did you look at mauifrog's guide here? Do you think re-asking the same question a half dozen ways would net you a different answer? Thread closed.


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