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Thread: Extracting saves from NAND backup?

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    Extracting saves from NAND backup?

    My friend stupidly shut off the Wii while it was saving during a game of Rock Band 2. My file was corrupted, and all my bands were lost. I really don't wanna have to go through and unlock everything again, and remake all my friends as characters.

    I have a NAND backup from a bunch of months ago, and I was wondering if there was any way I could rip my old save from that and re-install it via Savegame Manager?

    I've been going through ShowMiiWads and trying to find something that might work, but I'm at a loss. What do you guys suggest?

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    It will be under "title" when you extract the nand backup with showmiiwad - but which one it is im unsure....
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    Thanks! I was able to figure it out based on that tip. Everything's back except my scores, but I didn't care about those anyway.

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    The gamesaves are under title\00010000 just in case anyone was wondering.
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