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Thread: Please Help! (I hijack Threads)

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    Please Help! (I hijack Threads)

    I just RECENTLY got the Wii hacked / soft modded by someone. So kinda new here..

    I want to be able to download ISOs from torrents (which I have done) and simply drop them on the USB HDD... and play them.

    Which loaders load from the following file formats well:
    - FAT32
    - NTFS

    I'd prefere NTFS so that I dont have to worry about games that have larger ISOs.

    Please advise.

    ALSO: How in what folder structure etc do I have to keep it inside the HDD for it to be loadable?

    PS: For now the Wii has NeoGamma and USB Loader GX. Considering installing other USB Loaders by myself if they help with the NTFS/FAT 32.

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    Seeing that we dont support Piracy and you did not post in the correct section the first time.....

    1. I moved your post to a thread!!
    2. If you want help playing YOUR backups then we are here to help....
    3. Just to be on the Save side Please read the Rules and ENJOY!!!

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    search for any of the numerous guides on wiihacks and you'll be able to achieve what you are asking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poizhan View Post
    search for any of the numerous guides on wiihacks and you'll be able to achieve what you are asking for.
    I backed up a bunch of ISOs. I've been reading a lot on so many of the USB loaders etc.

    Which ones should I use / install to load games from an external HDD without need the WBFS file system etc..
    Which ones support:
    - NTFS
    - FAT32

    I'll look up tutorials to install those Loaders & Forwarders.

    Recommendations please

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    everything in my sig, best of + cfg usbloader, but you will come along that one.
    good luck

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks


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