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Thread: lost my homebrew

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    lost my homebrew

    hey im a newbie, last christmas i got super mario bros wii pal version and my wii wouldn't play it unless i updated it. reluctantly i did and lost my homebrew channel, i have since updated again so i think im on 4.3 now, only recently im using my wii again and i want my homebrew back, i was looking at newer versions of homebrew but they said you need either indiana jones game or yu gi oh. these are games i dont have, i have smash bros but that only works with american versions, can someone please guide my clueless mind through this plaese

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    That is the only way. Buy/rent/borrow the game. Stop by the introduction section and make a post, you will get a link to the 4.3 softmod guide (along with other links).
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    ok ill try that.renting a game 4 a day wont be so bad as long as i get homebrew back, thanks


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