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    Question Pirates Plund-arrr

    I am new to the world of homebrew. I recently purchased Pirates Plund-arrr for my daughter and the game requires that we do an update to the system before it will allow us to play. Will this update affect homebrew? Are there any precautions I should take before starting the update?

    Thank you!

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    If y our Wii is softmodded (sounds like it), there's this neat application we preach over and over again: Priiloader.

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    Don't update.

    Are you softmoded or do you just have Homebrew? If you are softmoded and on system menu 4.1 or 4.2 then I suggest you follow this guide to install Priiloader which will prevent updates and the message from being displayed. Just be sure to enable Block Online Updates and Block Disk Updates. If you are not softmoded and wish to be to enable you to play backup games then have a look in my signature and follow the softmod any wii guide. It will bring you menu up/down to system 4.1 (the recommended menu) and install Priiloader to prevent updates.

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    Thank you for your warning. I have not updated the system and I am researching the Priiloader as recommended. I was not the one who hacked the Wii, a friend did, so I have had to find out which method he used and what updates I currently have. As a Newbie there is just so much to learn.

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