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Thread: question on sd memory card

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    Question question on sd memory card

    how much can the wii take.. if my wii is at 3.2? is it 2 gigs? what happens if i put a 4 gig sd? would it even recongize it at all?

    thanks guys for the info

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    it will either A) not read the card at all or B) not read any more than 2 gigs because 2 gigs is the limit right now.

    I THINK it won't even see the card at all....but don't quote me on that.

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    in SOME cases it will read the card, but it will only reconize 2 gigs and it will only let you USE 2 gigs

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    I know the new HBC reads SDHC cards. Does that mean you can use cards bigger than 2 gb with the HBC?

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    no, and even if you could all HBC can do is open programs, and have emulators, and the odds of filling lets say 4 gigs with roms, is so small and uneeded it wouldnt matter, maybe music i never paid atttention, and wouldnt see that as really needed, if you get my point its not really needed even if u could, and above all the 2 gigs is kinda like a limit on the Hardware not the software


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