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Thread: Monster Hunter Tri problems - wii version 4.3

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    Monster Hunter Tri problems - wii version 4.3

    Hi, I'm currently having some trouble while trying to load MHTri (via disc) on Uloader.

    I'm pretty sure it do to the fact my wii was updated to 4.3 because I bought an original copy of metroid other m, and now when I try to run MHTri (note that previously I've been playing the game without any problems) the game freezes after the 'checking wii memory' part.

    I wanna know how to fix this.
    What IOS should I used
    some people are telling me to use Cios223 base 37 (I've used this BEFORE it the wii was updated) while other say that I should use cios 249 rev 19 base 37, the latter I'm guessing I have to use it with Neogamma, which I have the latest version I think.

    I've been trying a lot of stuff for the past 4 days but nothing works, and I really wanna play MH since it's one of my favorite games, so please help.

    also I installed IOS236 earlier but, when I'm in the HBC menu and I hit the home button on my wiimote, it says on the top right IOS38, I'm guessing I'm supposed to change the 38 for the 236, but how?

    anyone? really miss playing this game
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    Do not bump your thread with in a 24 hour period. We have a guide for this game. Have you tried it??

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    Yeah about that help
    I still need it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stryks View Post
    Yeah about that help
    I still need it
    If you followed the guide and you still have problems, then ask questions in that thread. You will probably get an answer there, but this thread will probably be closed soon.
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    he didn't find the guide so far i think..
    it is here
    Monster Hunter 3 [GUIDE]

    get hermes v4 load the game with cios 223 and apply error #002 fix in your loader -> have fun playing

    223 has to be base 37 merged with 38, get that and it should run with it
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