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Thread: Wii hacking WAD issues

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    Wii hacking WAD issues

    Please help. My wii is on 4.3. I live in the US. so 4.3 U I suppose.

    Anyways, I tried following the 4.3 Softmod guide but when I did Smashstack I got the "No Vulnerable ios" problem.

    So then I followed the How to Fix "No Vulnerable ios error when installing HBC" guide.

    In this instance I get to the WAD manager screen and then my controller dies and a gamecube remote won't work, so I lose any ability to control. I've tried letting it sit for several hours to no avail. Also, nothing seems to show up in the WAD Manager.

    Next I looked at some different approaches found at [guide we don't support].

    Finally I decided to try the [another guide we don't support]. This one took me a little while to get working.

    What I ended up doing is trying to use all the files from the previously mentioned "How to Fix No Vulnerable ios guide" located on this site. But with the wad files I had downloaded with NUS Download found in the "Fix Hackmii Installer guide".

    Didn't work. I had the same issue as with previous attempts with loss of control.

    So I tried it using YAWMM found in the "Fix Hackmii Installer guide". This time I thought everything was going well, but when I started up YAWMM it gave me an error saying "Exception (DSI) occurred!" followed by a bunch of code. Then "Stack Dump" followed by a bunch of code. And finally "Code Dump" followed by code.

    I'm completely lost, lol. If anyone could give me any helpful info I would very very much appreciate it.

    Thanks in Advance.
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    What kind of responses did you get when you posted the original problem in the thread of the 4.3 softmod guide?
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    This is actually my first post. I've done several searches. But I haven't found anything to really get me going in the right direction. All this has happened over the last week or so when I've had time.


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