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Thread: softmod problem

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    softmod problem

    Hi, Trying to do a soft mod and ran into a problem. The system menu is 4.2 and was following a recommended guide on here. HBC installed but bootmii is failing on both ios and boot2. There is an option to uninstall bootmii as ios, does this mean someone has tried to soft mod it all ready? Not too sure how to proceed any help much appreciated.

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    What kind of sd card are you using, the hackmii installer is sensitive to specific sd cards. Sandisk 2GB are best.

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    It's a sandisk 2gb I am using.

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    could be already installed, load hbc and see if you can get into bootmii.

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    If the option to uninstall Bootmii is there then yes, someone has installed it already.

    If you are having problems with a guide then you should ask in that guide. It's just easier that way.

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    Thanks for all the help. I will post in the guide. I wonder if i can uninstall then do my own bootmii, too get a nand back up?

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    No need to uninstall. Use the prepare sd card in hackmii installer and this will create the bootmii folder on your sd card. this is so you can access bootmii. If you installed it as a ios then enter bootmii via the hb option menu. If installed as boot2. When you restart your wii it will load bootmii to do your nand backup.

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    Oh dear, silly me. There is a lock on my sd card, didn't realize there was one. Thanks for all the help though.
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