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Thread: SoftModding Question.

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    SoftModding Question.

    Hello i was Following the 4.2U Softmodding Guide , and in the last part i saw the NeoGamma Thingy ,

    My Question is : My Wii got the D3 Drive the Thing which Prevents me from Playing Backups , if i installed NeOGamma i will be Able to Play Backup DISCS easily ? or my only option is the USB loader?

    iam stuck at the Last Part xD
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    usb loading is your only option for softmodding.

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    and if i installed NEO GAMMA ? whats the use of it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KAKA2081 View Post
    and if i installed NEO GAMMA ? whats the use of it?
    None if your drive won't play burnt discs. You could use it for USB loading but there are better choices for that.
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