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Thread: wanting to sell my wii,,but how much?

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    wanting to sell my wii,,but how much?

    ok guys this might be weird and kids and I are getting bored of are wii..and for this I belive maybe it's time to Part ways with it..however not sure what to sell it for..has I do have a few items to sell with it :

    2 wii motes with montion plus for both
    2 nunchucks
    1 wii mote charger
    2 streeing wheels
    1 wii mote chaging station
    1 wii system
    1 hdd?
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    Quote Originally Posted by riverdale77 View Post
    1 hdd with 67 wii games so what could this sell for?
    If you can supply the original discs with it, this would be a nice sum of money.
    If you can't supply the original discs it's illegal to sell (and buy!) that harddrive with games on it. (you can include an empty harddrive no problems)

    Pictures could help to determine the state of the hardware (if the wiimote looks all scratched and ugly it's more likely to fail as it's probably not handled with a lot of care)

    Also, this post should be in the buy/sell/trade forum I think. Not newbie discussion.
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    Moved and as said above its illegal to sell hdd with games that the buyer wont legally own(originals)

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    well yes i do have all org for all the games...and no not marked up the wii motes work great and look like new has they get cleaned every time we used them so they wound;nt get the dirt look on them. I am in Canada so what price range would I be looking for?

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    ill give you 20 for it

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    I would look on craigslist to see what other people are listing for under the videogame section. That will give you an idea of where you should start.

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    what kind of usbhdd in size ? 320~500GB ? many games ?....for all those as listed, hmmm.....may be, let go $160~250, depends


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