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Thread: Wii 3.4u Question With Drivekey

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    Question Wii 3.4u Question With Drivekey


    First time here & great site. I have a wii 3.4u firmware with a wii drivekey v1.0. Everything has been working great with old games for my daughter cause the wii is hers, anyways she wanted a few games that are newer and when I load I get a blackscreen. I have tried wiu 1.1, wii toolkit, & brickblock. I know I'm doing something wrong thats why I'm a noob. I'm using dvd-r verbatims. The game loads in the little box on the dash but when I hit it just get blackscreen. I've been reading on the fourms that some people say they have updated and some say NOT TO. What should I do? She doesnt homebrew so thats not a concern and no usb hdd if that helps. Thanks

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    Welcome Blade111

    What games are giving you issues?

    Make a quick post in the Introductions area and you will receive some usefull links... Here

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    She wants a game call let's paint and we cheer 2. I just forgot the process the way I did games before but that was over a year ago and I'm sure things have changed.


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