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Thread: installed red steel to my usb drive but i dont have the redsteel dol.

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    Unhappy installed red steel to my usb drive but i dont have the redsteel dol.

    I installed with usbloader gx from the original disk...I know i can get the file if i use wii scrubber on my pc but it won't reconise my drive when I connect to my computer. If anybody can give me a link to download this red steel dol. I would really appreciate! I'm new to all this alt. dol stuff thank you in advance! =)

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    you should not need the .dol.... you can load the alt dol feature in the loader.....

    redsteel 1 or redsteel 2

    and we dont post .dol's here as its piracy!!!


    look here:

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    thanks for the reply!

    Red steel 1 everytime I try to load it in usb loader it tays stuck on the "lisenced by nintendo" screen. I go to setting and I set it to alt dol. And when I try to load it after that it says I don't have the nessesary file to load the game. I own the original game disc is there a hbc app that can extract the file to my sd card ?
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    Maybe it's just the IOS you need? I have red steel loading with usb loader gx & plays just fine.


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