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Thread: Region/SysMenu Mismatch Semi-Brick woes

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    Region/SysMenu Mismatch Semi-Brick woes

    Im going to give it to you straight

    I have a Jap Wii that has been installed with a USA 4.2 system menu from the Mario kart Wii updater. as you probably know this prevents me from accessing the settings menu and turning on the internet

    -I have installed the home-brew channel with banner bomb
    -installed AnyRegionChanger (it says Region/SysMenu Mismatch. Console Region: Jap. Game Region: Jap. System menu: USA)
    (I Tried to change the regions to match the USA menu but it fails)
    -installed Dop-mii (accidentally installed fixes like the Trucha fix)
    -Downloaded update fix for mariokart update that installs the

    • IOS30-64-v1040.wad
    • SystemMenu-v288.wad (this is the Jap one right?)

    (burnt to dvd, unknown error when loading disk with wii (i Cant read Japanese))
    -Got the WadManager and tried to install them manually. (i tried IOS30-64-v1040.wad first but it failed so i dident install the menu part)

    (remember no interwebz)

    ???WAT DO NOU???
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    Good to here you have had many failed attempts. You should know that 3.2 can brick newer wiis, and whoever told you to install it was an idiot. I have a guide in the bricked wii section just for this issue, you should follow it.

    Install ios60-v6174
    Install system menu 4.1j

    Or even better, follow my softmod guide linked below and change your wii to 4.1u USA, then you can read the wii.
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