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Thread: how to softmod a 4.3U wii

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    Question how to softmod a 4.3U wii

    Hi everyone!
    I have to confess i made a huge mistake by upgrading to 4.3U, now i know the hard it is to not apply the warnings, but i donīt lose hope to bring back playing with backups on my wii again, so i ask if thereīs possibility to softmod my wii again. HBC hasnīt dissapeared!-that must mean something, donīt it?-i also have to tell that i tried to restore some IOSs, like 236 which it seems didnīt happen cause at the end of the procedure the program asked me if i was doing it to play from a USB or from pirate games, since i dont have USB loader i chose the other option, so it didnīt alow me to put it back again....well, i think thatīs all ive been doing, hope a possitive answer comes to this post.
    thank u all

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    Softmod with the guide from my sig. Start at the beginning, you don't have to remove anything just follow the steps for your system menu.

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