Having used the new Superkard DSTwo for a little while now, I decided to make a new menu for it. The official one, although functional, isn’t really to my liking, so I started work on a new one.

I based this design on the iPod touch/iPhone ’springboard’ so basically it shows up to twelve icons on the screen, four can be docked to the bottom, the other eight can be scrolled sideways.


Uses all icons directly from the official menu
Shows up to 12 icons per screen
Loads both homebrew .nds and .plg files
Anti aliased icon text
Large digital clock on top screen
Can be used as a direct replacement for the official menu
Better homebrew compatibility that the official menu
Stylus/finger only control

I haven’t done as much work on this as I had hoped to, but here is the first public release.
It is still in beta stage, so you can expect some bugs and unfinished bits, but hopefully nothing that will put you off using it.

It should be easy to set up, just extract it tou your root, it will replace the dstwo.nds used by the card, which will in turn load the menu plg.
It will not use the ini files from the original location, so I have added some examples in _iMenu/_ini/ so take a look in there to make sure that everything is in the correct place.
The new ini files look like this -

[plug setting]