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Thread: Error 002 with newgames.

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    Error 002 with newgames.

    Hello. Have not used the wii for 6 months. I got a wode in january 2010. I have version 4.0E.
    I updatet today to firmware 2,4A.
    Tried Family Party Fitness Fun USA WII, Wild West Shootout USA and Wii Party PAL. All i got blue screen Error #002. An error has occured. Press eject button...............

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    not sure if it would be best for you to post here WODE - Wii Ripping - WODE 2.0 RIPPING

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    or try using wodeflow which is wiiflow but for the wode. the reason i say this is because wiiflow has the 002 fix thing and i assume that wodeflow does too

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    The serial nr is LEH280328931.
    Wii System Menu Version 4.0E
    Bought 2009.
    Drive GC2-D3-2. I use external harddrive.
    NO softmods Installed

    Wode Firmware Version 2,4A
    Boot ver 01.01
    Wode FPGA Version 2.00
    Wode HW Version 1

    WODE Settings

    [Region Patching]
    Game Patch: ON
    Updates: NO
    Auto load: OFF

    Use iso file.

    How can I install wodeflow from 4.0E. So many guides. Hope someone can tell me step by step which guides I shall use.


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