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Thread: Multiple Wii Remote desynchronization

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    Multiple Wii Remote desynchronization

    I have followed hacking the Wii to the letter. Everything works fine except when I have another Wii remote connect to the Wii the first Remote disconnects and neither controller will reconnect until I turn off the Wii. If I go to the sync screen after pressing the home button and sync them that way that will work fine. Also when I shut the Wii off with the Wii Remote power button after this problem occurs the light in front of the Wii stays green. I have to hold it in for a few seconds until it turns red. After that it will shut off. Can anyone help fix this problem?
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    No one responded? It's been 3 weeks. If this is the wrong forum or this has already been asked tell me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cubeclub View Post
    Also when I shut the Wii off after this problem occurs the light in front of the Wii stays green until I hold it in for a few seconds. After that it will shut off. Can anyone help fix this problem?
    Are you sure the light isn't yellow? If it is then the yellow light isn't bad. The yellow light just means that it's on standby. It means that it's ready to receive info on updates, new mails, etc.

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    No It goes from green to red. I have WiiConnect24 off. Is that relevant?

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    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    You've got me. I've never used a sync screen. Have you tried to sync by pressing the red sync button by the sd card slot and then the red sync button where the wiimot batteries go in a few times?

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    That isn't the problem. The Wii remotes sync fine on their own. It's when one is already connected and I try to connect another just by pressing any button that both will drop out.

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    I'm out ideas, sorry. I can promise however that pimp my wii will only cause more problems

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    Why would it cause more problems? Does anyone else have any ideas?

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    Should I ask in another forum? If so, where? Could it be the Wii remotes are canceling each other out? Is there an IOS that controls bluetooth functionality? What could have changed as a result of hacking the Wii?
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