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Thread: HELP! Stuck on softmod.I'm lost.

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    HELP! Stuck on softmod.I'm lost.

    I'm a wii noob but have an app developer background.Tried to softmod and erased some of the IOSes i shouldn't have.Then tried the safe 4.2 updater to (at lest) get my original DVD games working without asking for update.
    -mi Wii reads "4.2e" as before
    -DVD's require an update which i am VERY afraid to do
    -uLoader asks for two IOSes (222 and 223 i think,which i deleted ) and crashes
    -homebrew channel works.

    IS there ANYthing i can do? Is it bricked?

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    What IOS's did you erase? If you can still get into the system menu you are not bricked.

    Go here to the intro section and make a post to say hello and follow one of the softmod guides that will be given to you. installing Homebrew isn't enough to run backup games. You need cIOS to do that.

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    As long as the (c)ios's that you deleted are above 200 you are ok. 202/222/223/224/249/250 can all be installed again as they are custom ios'

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    Thanks to Krafter for helping me out, i am now trying to follow the "softmod any wii guide".I have erased ALL STUBBED IOSes.I have a menu and hb channel and i'm working on it.
    I am kind of freaking out though. Thanks narse1979.

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    Deleting the stubbed IOS's is harmless to your Wii. Just take your time, read the guide carefully and don't get in a hurry. You will be alright.

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    ok i know it's pretty early on but.... on bootmii power ,reset? left? right? the controller is not responding!

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    Read the guide closer. Ask questions in the guide. Use the bottons on the console. Closed.
    Damn I suck!!!!


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