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Thread: Fail to activate microphone in Config Usb loader Beatles Rock band back up

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    Fail to activate microphone in Config Usb loader Beatles Rock band back up

    I cannot get the mic to work from config usb loader. I am loading Beatles rock band backup from usb. Looks like rock band is expecting the microphone to be in the same usb port used to load the game. Mic from band hero package in the second usb is not recognized by wii. Guitar functions ok.

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    what cios are you loading the game with?

    You need to load the game up with Hermes 223 v4 ios 38 merged with 37
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    I just went and tried it, the GH mic does work with Beatles RB, USB HDD plugged into usb port 0 and mic plugged into usb port 1. I did not need to have any instruments synced. I played solo with the mic only.

    Set the game to boot with Hermes cIOS223 v4, install IOS223 as 37 merged with 38.

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    Suddenly after a few tries the microphone worked with config usb loader. Tried to load with 223, it freezed a couple of times. Went back to 249, and got the mic to work. Beats me!!! I guess, we don't care as long as it works. Having lots of fun singing . . . Has been getting good scores > 88 % . . .
    Beatles rock!!!


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