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Thread: Problems with SD card & system

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    Post Problems with SD card & system

    I tried to install bannerbomb and HackMii. The problem is when I put it onto my SD card and inserted it into the Wii, it said "this data is corrupted error code #0004" and wouldn't respond until I unplugged it.

    I'd already copy'd a channel onto it just to see if it was compatible; and when I connected it to my computer, the actual channel was buried in a bunch of folders.

    I formatted it to FAT32 and put the bannerbomb files onto it (and the HackMii installer), and it didn't work. When I connected it to my computer again, I noticed the folders were named differently (it must have something to do with the system version). The bannerbomb folders were named correctly up to the last one, which was named 'aktn'. I renamed it 'HATE' and the wii recognised it, but all that came up was a single channel which was called "???". My Wii wouldn't let me launch it, and would not let me copy or move it anywhere.

    My system version is the latest (I don't know what it is) I updated a few days ago.
    My SD card is a SanDisk 2GB formatted to FAT32.
    My computer is an HP Compaq nx9110 (Does it matter?)

    I am a confused 15 year old.
    Please can someone give me SIMPLE instructions that I can understand?
    Something like: download this, move it to here, press this, enter that...
    I already tried to read the 4.3 softmod guide. My brain hurts...

    Note: I AM NOT AN IDIOT! I hacked my psp without contacting experts. I'm positive I can understand most of what you are saying.

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    if you updated youre wii to laterst version you can not use bannerbomb mine is a 4.3e and i had to use the lego indiana jones game to get the homebrew channel there is a guide on here for softmodding your wii do it step by step and you will have no problems
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    You can use a video game to hack a wii? Cool. Thnx.

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