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Thread: hack mii installer cant cotinue v0.08

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    Us hack mii installer cant cotinue v0.08

    i try mod my wii firmware 3.2 with hackmii installer from sd card in channels and this message comes up i did find out the wii was formatted from recently being modded i got it last july of 09 has been formatted

    the installer can NOT contine
    there is no usable or vulnerable ios on the wii
    we will not use fakesigned ioses due to security reasons only unpatched versions will be used

    read the faq at The Homebrew Channel no help there
    check version updates at no help there

    i also have a 4.3 firmware on another wii question is would it be easy to downgrade or do the 4.3 hack dont want brick wii which is easier
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    First thing you should do is stop by the Introduction found here and make a post to say hello. When you do that a response will be given to you that will give you all the info and softmod guides needed. If you still have problems you can ask in the guide that you are following (in your case I suggest the Softmod Any Wii). These guides are well supported and easy to follow.

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    ok thanks i got this link from someone in the chat

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    im not sure where im suppose to post at but i cant dl the homebrew channel i read that and im not following or i cant do it, i was wondering cioscorp im guessing whats blocking me will be gone if i upgrade to 4.1 using new mario bros game ??

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    just follow my guide below- problem solved.
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    everything almost worked i have homebrew but when i turn on wii boot mii wont come up is this because its and ios?

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