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Thread: An open letter to stupid pirates

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    An open letter to stupid pirates

    This is a kind of a derivate work of this thread but from another perspective. I haven't been a member for that long but I have been seeing an increasing number of just plain dumb admissions by members on here. I also see some members on here fighting piracy like it's their civil duty, not counting the admins or mods of course because it is their duty. I'm going to try not to be judgmental on people who get dubbed pirates even though they are not true pirates...They just download stuff for free because they can. I personally feel that piracy is an important part of the hacking culture. It has always been there and always will because to some it runs deeper than downloading free stuff. For some there are philosophical, idealogical, and political reasons behind their piracy. Some people believe that intellectual property and the laws that surround them are BS and have negative effect on humanity and the creative process. But those people would never get online and admit to downloading anything illegal.

    When we sign up to the site we all agree to the sites anti-piracy rules with no exceptions. Then why do some people feel compelled to mention that they download anything when it's completely irrelevant to their problems? You are on a legit site so it is under the assumption that you are doing things that are completely legal and you have rights to do. You can easily talk about your ROMs, wiiware/VC, backups, and the problems that relate without mentioning your source if you did do something illegal. Most people are willing to help because of the nature of the community and the assumption of legality unless piracy comes up and then people either turn their back on the OP or the thread gets locked. I'm sure most of us love the site and don't want to see it shut down.

    It's usually not like me to rant like this but I have seen so many threads lately that the only response that comes to mind is...Facepalm! Sorry for the rant and I'll get off my soapbox now. I just figured we needed an anti-piracy thread with a different more logical and practical spin on things knowing that we can't stop piracy. Hopefully by reading this at least a few so called pirates will get a clue.
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