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Thread: Problem with WAD manager on the HBC

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    Problem with WAD manager on the HBC

    Hi guys, I have searched the forum for the issue I am having but cannot find an answer.

    I have a wii on sys menu 4.2e

    I have installed bootmii and preloader and have backed up my nand.

    I have installed the HBC

    I have installed a custom IOS (did not follow what was going on in this part)

    + I had to use any file deleter to remove 249 before the custom ios worked

    and I am using USB loader GX

    It works great and have backed upmy games to the HDD and they play great.

    I now want to have usbloader as an channel. but no matter what wad manager i try

    it does not show up in the HBC. I have it placed in the apps/wad manager folder and renamed the file to boot.dol but every version of wad manager just does not show when other apps do?

    Anyone have any ideas where i am going wrong??

    And I would just like to thank all the clever guys that writ this software for making this possible. Very much appreciated.

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    What guide did you use to softmod?
    d/l this Wad Manager 1.7.rar and put the contained folder in the apps folder. No need to rename anything I have already done it.
    Also how many apps have you got on your sd card because maybe they are displaying over X amount of pages in HB

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    Thank you very much, that worked first time.

    Kind Regards.



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