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Thread: Softmodded wii, Old Virt. Cons. games STOPPED working

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    Softmodded wii, Old Virt. Cons. games STOPPED working

    I had 4-5ish Games on my wii b4 i soft modded it.
    Old Zelda game,punch out, etc.

    After modding when they are loading up i can hear them playing. only see a black screen. If i press home and the home screen pops up. i can see the game in the background. makes no sense to me.

    I used this guide and ran into no problems.

    started with 3.3 or 3.4u, if it matters...... now im 4.1

    New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii
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    your not giving enough information. What version are you running ect.

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    i re downloaded them as wads and re installed them with wad installer 1.7.....was thinking that maybe they were for older my older version or something... didnt change nething..

    if i need to give more info...i dont know what to add...please ask if need to know for help.

    Thanks in advance to any help.


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