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Thread: 4.3 question...please advise

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    4.3 question...please advise

    Hi all,

    I have Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii, and I have desperately been wanting to hack to get my town just the way I want it. I finally got the nerve up tonight to attempt to hack, but when I come here to find out what I need to do, I keep reading about how I basically don't have a prayer if my Wii has been updated to version 4.3. Can anyone confirm if this is true. And, if it is untrue, I need some serious assistance.

    Thanks in advance!

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    there is a guide on hacking 4.3 wiis in the guide section
    and you should post in the introduction before posting anywhere else you will get a reply with lots of useful links

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    If you want to use hack for your town, follow this video - REMOVED
    You would need to find some codes: REMOVED
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    he cant use cheat codes untill he has softmodded

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    We do not support cheat codes of any kind, go else where for that info. Please review the forum rules.

    @ jamti - You too - No posting links to anything that relates to cheating. Closed.

    OP - As mentioned follow the 4.3 guide if you want to mod your wii, we can help you with the mod (read and follow the guide, ask any questions about the guide, within the guide itself). For your other inquiry you won't find help here.
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