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Thread: ominus clicking noise + red light/no power on after installing wiikey fusion

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    Angry ominus clicking noise + red light/no power on after installing wiikey fusion

    i just installed my new wiikey fusion. When i reconnected the power cable to the dvd drive and pressed power, the light stays red and i hear a clicking noise as the wii resets over and over again. i get no screen, and when i disconnect the power cable from the dvd drive then power on the wii, the lights turns green and will not power back off. After disconnecting the chip to see if i can just still play my wii normally, i find the problem is now a constant. i have no idea what i just got myself into. Has anyone else seen this problem? i followed all the instructions carefully, buti fear i may have bricked my wii.

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    If your wii is on 4.2 or 4.3, that is the firmware screwing you over. You will have to softmod the wii just to use the hardmod.

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    Ok that sounds good at least I have somewhere to start, but I am unfamiliar with how softmodding the wii works, especially since I get nothing but the clicking and a black screen. I'm willing to try pretty much anything to get that thing working. How would I go about softmodding the wii?

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    When I did my brother's wii which had the 4.3U, I had to remove the wiikey fusion before I could do the softmod, otherwise the system would lockup every few seconds.

    Softmodding guides are found here:

    pick the guide based on your wii firmware version.

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