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Thread: Hello! Wiihacks!

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    Hello! Wiihacks!

    Hello,, I am an avid scanner of your forums to hack my wii and stuff, and stuff like the BU Launcher was able to run thx to all you guys, but I decided to register after all this lol. Anyway, I have a little 5 year old brother, so It's very easy to keep my original games clean, and use there backups, so if my bro scratches it i'll just make another =P

    So hello all!

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    Hi Cryptic_Chrono.

    Welcome to:

    Please start by reading our Ultimate WiiHacks Index where you will find links to our most popular Tutorials & Guides. Members are encouraged to use the Search Function before posting a question. To help you get the best results when searching, see The Ultimate Searching Guide.

    Please familiarize yourself with the Forum Rules and be sure to follow them. To get accurate responses to your questions, please post in the appropriate forum section.
    There are many Tutorials & Guides available to help you on your journey. If, after reading the tutorials and searching, you still need help with a basic issue go to the Newbie Discussion Forum.


    Follow the appropriate guide for your current system menu.

    • External USB Device setup - Go HERE For WBFS or HERE For FAT32.


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    Feel free to stick around and contribute where you can. Enjoy your stay at WiiHacks!

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