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Thread: Homebrew install/uninstall + wii ware.wad questions

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    Homebrew install/uninstall + wii ware.wad questions

    This is what I would like to do but wanted to make sure it would work without consequence.

    1) install homebrew on my 3.4u system
    2) install some wii ware games through wad manager. Maybe install a few emulator channels too.
    3) uninstall homebrew
    4) update my wii to 4.3u

    I dont want to soft mod my wii but I would like to install some wiiWare and be able to update my wii and keep it (virgin?). or am I better off updating my system to 4.3u first, I can get (Lego Jones) and such.

    Thank you in advance & +rep for any advice/tips.

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    Only legal way to install Wiiware games is to install through Shop Channel. Sorry, we can't help you.
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