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Thread: Wii Flow issues...changing from wbfs to FAT32 - can't find games - PLEASE help!

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    Wii Flow issues...changing from wbfs to FAT32 - can't find games - PLEASE help!

    PLEASE HELP! I'm trying to fix this before my son has 5 kids over tonight for a sleep over!

    Due to data lost on a wbfs hard drive, I'm changing to FAT32.

    I'm using my old forwarder channel and took all wiiflow folders off my SD card. I have the apps, wiiflow, and WBFS folders all in one FAT32 partition.

    The forwarder works and takes me to wiiflow, but it cannot see games and asks me to select a partition. No matter what partition I select, it still asks me to install games. Even when I try to install a game it just hangs. What am I doing wrong?

    I apologize if this has been answered somewhere but I read tons and tons of info on this site and in the guides and FAQ and couldn't find the answer.

    The partition is set to primary and active and the games have the game IDs in them and were transferred via Wii Backup Manager as a WBFS file, so it's in a folder and inside is the typical txt file and wbfs folder.

    Is it necessary to use a new forwarder channel or is there something else I'm missing?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    I've never used Wiiflow but the change from WBFS to FAT32 went smooth for me.

    Are you sure the file/folder structure inside the wbfs folder is good?
    Check this thread for more information about loading from FAT32 drives. (including the exact structure and how to convert games to work with it)
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    I'm aware this was posted years ago.
    However, did you ever figure out how to load the games? I seem to be having the same problem but can't find any solutions...

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    Don't revive old threads please.

    Thread closed.


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