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Thread: What is your comments on fifa 11 here is mine

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    Thumbs down What is your comments on fifa 11 here is mine

    I find the game slow and boring I have play all fifa games and I love them but find fifa 11 a sleeper. No good power shots like 10 and no excitment I think I will go back to 10. I would like to know what everyone thinks about this game. I must say the penalty kicks are better you have more control where the ball is going and you control the goally which way he is going to move.
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    hi mate your luky i can get mine to run it keeps freezing on the main fifa screen im useing wiiflow any ideas on how to get it working

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    Not to be rude but this is not the place for this question if you post in Game Playing issues for some specific backups (Softmods only I will gladly answer.


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