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Thread: 2nd hand wii and priiloader

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    Hi guys
    I've recently bought a 2nd hand wii which was already softmodded and works fine with burnt images. I've installed Bootmii and backed up my Nand and have installed usb loader gx which i've got running nicely, but am a bit stuck when it comes to Priiloader.
    I'm not sure if its already on the wii or not, is there a way to check ? I've produced a sysCheck file but can't see any mention in there.

    The main reason for wanting it, other than obviously blocking updates, is that i've got an external usb drive on the way and would like the wii to boot straight to USBLoader gx so that its easier for family members - easier the better
    Also if i do this, can i still easily get to the normal system menu by pressing the home button and selecting Wii Menu ?

    Finally, i did a google for Priiloader and some sites that came up where stating that 0.5 can brick some wii's, is this still true or have there been updates of it to fix this ? What version should i download.

    Thanks for any info

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    Turn your wii on and hold the reset button. If priiloader starts up you have it, if not, you don't. That is the easiest way to check.
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    Great thanks.

    Tried it and it boots normally so guessing it aint there.

    Can anyone tell me which release to get please, ive seen 0.4 (rev78) and 05 (r99) - but not sure about the prementioned posibility of bricking with 0.5.

    Thanks again

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    Stick with .0.4. The installer for 0.5 has been removed. Follow WiiJohn's Priiloader guide in the recommended guides section. Be sure that your system menu version is compatible before installing.
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    Thats the way i'd read it too, thanks.
    I'm on 4.2E so guessing it should all be ok.

    Gonna get the HDD all up and running first then worry some more about this


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