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Thread: Do Code Change For Every Game?

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    Do Code Change For Every Game?

    Or is it always the same?

    Ive never really bothered with adding friends since you cant really hear them.

    Now I am curious because I wanna start getting friends on COD WAW

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    my Friend code is different for
    Mario Kart Wii
    Call of Duty World at War
    and Animal Crossing City Folk

    since their all different, its safe to assume its game senseative, esp since the FC gets saved to the gamesave its self, making it "yours"

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    Why the hell did Nintendo do that? Sounds rediculous. They also made friend codes with numbers too. This could have been way easier if they just kept the code the same for all games.. OR didnt make friend codes numbers.

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    because the DS which originally had them, was game senseative, and nintendo doesnt think up new things

    Mario and wario anyone...


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