Nintendo has set the price of the 3DS at ¥25,000, which would clock in at US$ 300. It's a pretty big investment so you gotta know what you'll be getting for that kind of money.

First, the colors - Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black:

The 3DS package will get you:

* Nintendo 3DS hardware
* Nintendo 3DS charging stand
* AC adaptor for use with Nintendo 3DS
* Nintendo 3DS stylus
* 2GB SD memory card
* Six AR (augmented reality) cards for use with the 3DS’ camera
* Quick start guide
* Instruction book
* Warranty

The specs:

* Size: 5.27 in. length, 2.91 in width, 0.82in depth
* Weight: 8.11 oz.
* Top screen is 3.53 in, widescreen and displays stereoscopic images without the need for glasses. 800×240 (400 pixels per eye) resolution.
* Bottom screen is 3.02 in and has a touch panel. 320×240 pixels resolution.
* Wireless LAN supports WPA/WPA2 security keys. A 2.4Ghz transmitter is included for crosspass mode.
* Input: D-pad, A/B/X/Y/L/R/start/select buttons, analog slide pad (360 degrees of rotation), touch screen, internal microphone, camera, motion sensor, gyro sensor.
* Other inputs: 3D Volume (a slider that adjusts the 3D effect), home button, wireless switch, power button.
* Connection: Game card slot, SD memory card slot, ac adapter, charging station, headphone jack.
* Sound: stereo speakers on the top screen.
* Stylus: maximum length is 10 centimeters.
* Battery – Lithium ion battery. (note: battery life was not announced.)
* Game card: Nintendo 3DS game cards, which are the same size as DS game cards. These can hold a maximum amount of 2GB of data at launch.

Other features:

* You can see 3D images without glasses on the top screen. The 3D effect can be adjusted by a slider on the side.
* A sterographic camera that takes 3D pictures. The two external 0.3 megapixel cameras automatically turn photos into 3D.
* New input interfaces: slide pad, motion sensors, and a gyro sensor.
* Communication while in sleep mode: The 3DS automatically connects to Wi-Fi spots and Nintendo Zones to download game data, demos, and videos.
* Crosspass Mode – Similar to Dragon Quest IX the Nintendo 3DS exchanges data with other 3DS users. This feature works for multiple titles.
* DS functions work within games. You can visit the home menu, notification lists, and internet browser while playing a game.
* Built-in software: Like the Nintendo DSi, the Nintendo 3DS comes preloaded with apps. You can use the Nintendo 3DS Camera, 3DS Sound, Mii Studio, Crosspass mode Mii Plaza, AR Games, and a Memory Notebook.
* Introductory videos and rankings can be downloaded from the internet.
* Software purchased on a Nintendo DSi and/or Nintendo DSi XL can be transferred to and from a Nintendo 3DS. There is a limit of how many times you can transfer software, but Nintendo has not announced a number.
* Backwards compatible with Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi games.
* Parental controls can be set for the web browser and what software can be run.

Source- Siliconera