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Thread: Just ordered!!

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    Just ordered!!

    I have just ordered a D2PRO9 with the Wii Clip and both of the screwdrivers from Canadamods on November 17. I live Southweastern Michigan how long do you think it will take for me to get it. Dont say 3-5 days be more accurate.

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    4 days 3 hours 2 minutes 1 second (give or take 3-5 days of days)

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    When you consider that it's coming across the border, saying 3-5 days is about as accurate as you'll get. I know ordering anything from the states to Canada sucks, cheaper, but can take forever getting thru the border.

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    Gamer, let us know when you get it. I`m about to order one too and wanted to know how long it takes to arrive. I`m in Socal area.

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    It's been a week and still haven't gotten it. I wouldn't recommend canadamods because they don't even give you a tracking number.
    I would recommend something that is in the United States.

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    Where are the links to order the chips?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arrowheadhawk View Post
    Where are the links to order the chips?
    I have been looking for some supplier in the US for the last week, and can`t find anyone, not even on e-bay. If someone knows, I greatly appreciate..

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    Still Waiting........................................... .

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    Mine took a week + some days from canada, don't need to count the days, it's the holidays, I'm sure customs are busy.

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    usually its quite fast, but ya right now we've seen some slow down, so we are taking some extra measures to speed things up again soon. Basically need to know how to set things up so customs likes it and puts it right through. The extra efforts likely won't be seen until next week. If you have a problem though send me a PM and I will help what I can.
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