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Thread: Spiderman Shattered Dimensions & Batman the Brave and the Bold disc read.

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    Spiderman Shattered Dimensions & Batman the Brave and the Bold disc read.

    Hello. I've never had problems running backups before but for these two games there is a problem. Once every now and then during a play session the message "The disc could not be read. Please refer to... ". If i eject the disc and put it back in it works no problem... so it's not exactly a damaged disc. This happens for both games. However i would like a permanent solution to this. Could it be an ios problem? I have a 4.2E softmoded wii(also hardmoded) and haven't updated any cIos since the update. This problem persists no matter how i launch the game (haven't tried usb loader because i don't have an external hard drive). Thanks in advance!

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    Doubt it is an issue with your softmod. Games simply will work or not in that situation, for the most part.
    Keep in mind that disk playing offers the most ability of failure through the console's hardware, and it is always recommended to back them up to usb devices for preservation and playability.
    Could be a laser issue or just small imperfections on the disk that combined with other variables cause an error.
    Some folks have reported that laying the console flat down seems to get better results, some say a good cleaning of the laser has helped, and others switch to more reliable media to burn their backups on.
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    Thx for the quick reply. I'll try to back up the games on a flash drive and see how it goes.

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    Definitely something wrong with BB It cannot read disc every 15 seconds, pull out put in it and it plays another 15 seconds. Is there a patch for this ala super mario bros style

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