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Thread: Galaxy Eagle i- An Acekard 2i Clone

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    Galaxy Eagle i- An Acekard 2i Clone

    It has been confirmed by sources close to the AKAIO developers that the Galaxy Eagle i is an Acekard 2i clone. While the GEi developers would have you believe otherwise, the firmware has been examined and the following facts emerged. The GEi is running a combination firmware solution which incorporates an R4-like firmware (based on the official AK2i firmware which Acekard modified to look like the R4 for their official OEM R4Ultra) and the decrypted/hacked AKAIO 1.6 courtesy of Rudolph (GBA ExpLoader developer). Apparently the Flash Kit is using both firmwares to keep a current ROM compatibility, however this may be incorrect as the firmware was only briefly examined.

    If you purchase the Galaxy Eagle i you are supporting clones, clones hurt the original hardware by offering a cheaper version to the public that, more-often-than-not, goes unsupported.

    AKAIO 1.7 was more securely encrypted, and the AKAIO 1.7+ loaders can not be used for AKAIO 1.6. Meaning that the GEi firmware will only be updated as an unofficial R4Ultra firmware.
    Source- GBAtemp

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    The AK 2i is not an expensive flashcart, why would somebody want a knock off of it?


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