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Thread: Drive key v2 and sys menu 4.1U

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    Drive key v2 and sys menu 4.1U

    Hi, I have a Wii with 4.1 Sys Menu and Drivekey v2. This is a normal unit except for the drivekey. All games seem to work fine until the recent new ones like Batman - The Brave..., Lego Harry Potter and New Carnival Games.

    It does not seem to be an issue with PAL or NTSC as I get an Disk error #002 "Please ejet and power off" after selecting the game in the Wii Channel and selecting Start.

    Is this a Drive key issue or a IOS or something that need to be loaded. I am a noobie so please help me out. Thanks !!!!

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    I also have drivekey 2 and 4.1U. More and more cannot run games from disk channel. Have to run through Gecko in HB. Any ideas on how to make the wii more compatible with newer titles without upgrading the system to 4.2 or later?


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