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Thread: Updating old firmware.

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    Updating old firmware.

    I've got an early Wii (D2B I think) which I hard-modded with YAOSM.

    My firmware is still on 3.3E, but the latest games I've tried have always tried to perform a system update (which I didn't do).
    I've tried brickblocker, which allows the game to start, but it then goes to a black screen and the controllers turn off.

    I'm only interested in playing games, but is it "safe" to allow it to update the firmware ?
    (I've got some "older" games that would probably not update to the most recent version).
    If it's safe to try then I would prefer to do it before going down the softmod path.


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    I would suggest that if you update, manually update to 4.1
    that's what I did, I got a wii 3.1 and updated to 4.1
    just make sure you INSTALL ios60 BEFORE you update

    then you can install priiloader and block disc updates
    if you're still having trouble, then look up that game and make sure you have the right/updated version of the ios that game runs on
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