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Thread: generate random ID on-the-fly?

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    generate random ID on-the-fly?

    yes 4.2 broke HBC by identifying title ID HAXX and remove it for good.
    and we now have JODI and it is broken by 4.3

    this kind of cat-and-mouse game never ends.

    how about generate random ID on-the-fly?

    except a HBC channel with official title ID.
    there is a backup HBC channel with random title ID - or user customized title ID.
    we need a universal channel forwarder to support it too - just ask user for title id.

    official update only removes "identified ID".
    it cannot tell if a random ID is an official one or not.

    HBC can then stay in channel forever.

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    if you would have used the latest hackmii installer 0.8 you would have a hbc with hidden title ID or just cryptic stuff "|]|][]" and that wasn't patchable by the 4.3 update.

    don't know anything about random IDs on the fly though

    also: never update from any nintendo source, there is no need to update to run any specific game or whatsoever. stay at 4.1 with priiloader hacks to prevent disc&online updates

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    no matter what the current title ID is.
    even if it is not in ASCII, it is fixed.
    and ninty can easily remove it by identifying that particular id in their next update say 4.4/4.5..

    so if the hbc installer, generate the title id in random. so my title id is for example "ABCD" and your title id is "EFGH".
    there is no way for ninty to recognize the ID and remove it in their next or next next update.

    even though we should not update from ninty, we always hear someone who "accidentally" do the update and ask for help...

    random title id is just one more protective measurement other than "not doing update online"

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    There's far worse things that can happen without paying proper attention to your console.
    Don't softmod your wii if you have no idea of what you're doing (do research) and make sure you know what's happening with the console and take proper countermeasures so other people don't mess it up (priiloader block updates, remove programs from SD card so no one can accidenly "play around" with them and remove your system IOS)
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