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Thread: too much (effort to create a thread title)

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    too much editing so no one knows what my post is about

    playing around with creating custom forwarders for my games on my hdd. which leads to the question of which loader to use. is one better than another? do they all work? I started with usb loader gx loader and it didn't seem to work. running cios 38 rev 17 and usually running games on cios 249. which loader do you use?
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    thanks but loadstructor doesn't work for me. I get a "can't find bni" error for half of my games and I don't much feel like reinstalling them just to fix it. it seems like crap is finding the banners just fine. I looked around and it sounds like some kind of error with the way loadstructor handles things. which is why I'm asking about crap, because I've got banners, and whole channels, they just don't seem to load my games.

    look I understand editing for language but crap is the name of a program.
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    Try using CFG Loader see if you get the same result....

    The title was un-necessary[too much CRAP] thats why i edited i know the program is called crap.

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    thanks. I appreciate the help


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