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Thread: 1Tb hard drive support

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    1Tb hard drive support

    so i have a 1TB hard drive seagate, and the only homebrew app that i know of that supports its functionality is WiiMC and i am wondering do i have to update an ios to get it supported by MplayerCE or is it just the app that doesnt support it

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    As long as you have IOS58 and cios249, you should be able to use a 1TB external.

    A few things Ive found regarding my old 1TB Seagate and homebrew:
    Sone seagates go into hybernate mode, which can cause issues with usb support. You could try downloading Seagate's tool to disable this but it didnt work for me.

    Ntfs support is very bad right now, with only a handful of apps that can read data. I'd reccomend formatting it as FAT32 if you haven't already.

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    thank you i didn't realize that my hard drive was formatted to NTFS

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    You can use a ntfs formatted partition however you still need a small fat32 partition as the 1st partiton on the drive
    This is to put the files needed for wiimc wiiflow etc to run
    then you can use the ntfs partition to store all your media (for wiimc) and .wbfs files (for wiiflow)
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