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Thread: Question regarding USB Loader

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    Question regarding USB Loader

    Hi there,

    Even though I started this a week ago, I've already learned so much from this site. I'ce repaired my semi bricked wii, added the HBC and browser, enabled DVD playback, connected the Wii to my home server to stream videos, and now I've added a USB drive to load games from.

    So my question is regarding the SD card. Does the SD card have to be in the Wii at all times? I would like to store the necessary files on my USB HDD instead.

    Also, whenever I start the Wii with the SD card inserted, it automatically boots to the MMM, I'm assuming because of the boot.dol file in the root of the Sd card. Do I need this anymore or can I delete it if on fact the SD is required?

    Finally, from the USB Loader GX, can I specify where I want the disc cover images, for example, saved? Right now they are on the SD card, but I would rather them saved into an "images" folder on the HDD.

    Thanks for all the help!!!

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    -you can run apps from your hdd, make sure your forwarders(if u use em anyway) also check for HDD:/apps/yourprog/boot.dol
    -you can remove the boot.dol on the root of your SD.
    -i dont use usb loader gx, but i think, if u install a forwarder that starts the program from HDD, the images will also be stored there

    hope this helps you until someone more experienced can tell you more
    press THANKS , it brightens my day

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    Thanks for the help!

    Is there something special I have to do with the forwarders? For example, I have the Homebrew Browser in a channel on the wii - I am assuming it uses a forwarder. Can I just copy the apps directory to my HDD and have it work?

    Thanks again!

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    It all depends on the forwarder. Some work on SD only but some work on SD and USB. When ever you download a forwarder (or at least the good ones) there will be a readme.txt file with it. Open it up and read it. usually it tell you if it will work with a USB drive.

    If you don't mind just using HBC to load the apps then all you need is the apps folder on a FAT32 partition on your USB and then press "1" on the Wiimote in HBC to switch between your SD and USB.


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