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Thread: Running disc without installing FW version

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    Running disc without installing FW version

    This is kind of a continuation of a post I made yesterday......just much more to the point.

    I have a NTSJ-U Wii that is on version 3.2 (loaded from Samba De Amigo), still says 3.1u on system screen.....little confused about that. Anyway, my purpose is to play a couple of new PAL games, Avatar : Inferno being one of them, but it wants to do an update and I already know the "do not's" about updating from another region plus it may take it to a version that screws up Mario Kart, SSBB, etc....

    The question, I installed The Homebrew Channel last night (great stuff), installed GeckoOS version 1.07.....that said, I expected that Gecko would allow the game to play w/o making me take the update...when you run BrickBlocker on the game it will not work at all.....well, I can't get Gecko to do anything but sit on my screen. Is there any launcher (WiiGator, Gamma, etc..) that will do what I'm wanting to do? Play a different region game, without brick blocking, without updating FW?


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