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Thread: My Wii and my nontitled thread

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    My Wii and my nontitled thread

    Hello Guys im new to softmodding , well i just wana play Wii Cds Nothing else :S

    my Wii Version is 4.2U

    things i got :

    Sd Card 8GB

    Hard Drive 1TB

    and a Wii NoN Modded

    Im really lost in Soft Modding it :S

    i saw many guides here and i want a For Sure Guide for 4.2U system and i want to know how i will add the backups to the Hard Drive :S

    Good Night!

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    Follow the 4.2 softmod guide that I linked in your intro. Then after completion of the guide you will need to follow one of the USB HDD guides, also linked in the welcome thread you made.

    Again, read the forum rules for info on what you should and shouldn't post here.

    After reading the softmod guide a few times, then follow it carefully. If you get stuck somewhere in the guide then ask within the thread of the guide.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    If you go back to you welcome post that Krank gave you you will find all the info you need. All guides here are fully supported and work 100% if you follow the exactly as they say.

    Spend a little time searching and reading before you ask to many questions.

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    Thanks i followed the 4.2 guide and it worked also all of my ISOs are working thanks guys


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