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Thread: quick question about wiiware wads

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    quick question about wiiware wads

    i just want to make sure i'm doing this right before i mess something up.

    i have the castlevania rebirth game which is ntsc-u. the wad seems to be good judging from the comments from where i got it. i'm just not 100% sure on how to install it.

    i softmodded my wii using this guide so i'm fully loaded with everything.

    i'm guessing i just load the wad onto my sd card. then i load up wad manager selecting ios249 when i get into it. i then simply install the wad. is that correct? or am i doing this all wrong? that seems like the logical way to do it, but i just want to make sure since i don't want to brick my wii.

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    That is correct. You will have no problems installing it the way you mentioned. I do recommend, however, that you have Bootmii installed as Boot2 or if that wasn't possible have Priiloader installed for some basic brick protection just in case. Good luck!

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    ok thanks, i tried it out and it worked no problem. it was pretty easy, although i thought it froze up at one point. now i can get some more of these wiiware games.

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    We do not support piracy here. Read the rules.

    Damn I suck!!!!


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