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Thread: best backup player?

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    best backup player?

    so i realize that posting links to backup launchers is against forum policy but i figure it would be safe to ask about. i just did the twilight hack yesterday and i burned a backup of tales of symphonia to test it out. i installed the homebrew channel (latest version) and used the menu patcher to allow backup play through the disc channel. however, whenever i reach a specific point in the game, it freezes. i burned the image at 4x with burnproof on so i'm going to try a bit more thorough burn and see if that helps but is there better launch software or some way to have better burn media compatibility?

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    i think its 1 of 3 things
    bad burn
    bad iso (what i think it is)
    program is crap

    a lot of the homebrew backup loaders work on very few things, or just badly in general


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