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Thread: Got a few games that don't work...

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    Got a few games that don't work...

    Hey guys,

    I downloaded Brain Academy and the new sports game and it will not work on my Wii. I have NOT updated my wii and just got my Wii Clip and D2pro9 probably about 1 or 2 months. I am using DVD+R' think it could be that just these games are not working cause I am not using DVD-R's? Is there a update these new games need? It shows the game when I click start and then it loads the game it turns off controller and will not load game...what should I do?

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    i would just say use verbatim dvd-R but yea......i been trying to ask around ppl say try using Gecko OS since it makes it region free but i have been getting no luck on

    Big Brain
    moregame party
    Kungfu Panda

    Theres probably more but those are the 3 i remember right now. that doesn't work for me. all others work

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    Make sure that your d2pro9 chip is up to date!
    You my need to do a rom flash update.


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